Hampton Court Flower Show 2004
The Triquetra Garden

Silver Medal winning Garden

The Triquetra Garden Designers: Janette Dollamore and Jo Ward-Ellison

The triquetra, a Celtic knot pattern symbolising the three planes of existence; physical, mental and spiritual, is the inspiration behind this garden. The theme is reflected in other aspects of the garden: three seats, three elements (metal, stone, water), three colour groupings (white/silver/grey, pink/purple/plum, charcoal/black).

The Triquetra GardenThis courtyard garden is paved with plum slate paddlestones and black granite setts in the pattern of a triquetra. The three seats look inwards on the central water feature set within a pool of dark water. Reflective panels set at the rear of the garden bounce light and colour back into the space.

Swathes of mixed shrub and perennial planting enclose the seats and the garden as a whole. Plants include Verbena bonariensis, white-flowered Lavandula, Elaeagnus, Rosa ‘Zephirine Drouhin’ and Artemisia ludoviciana.