Sometimes your garden needs a complete makeover. You may have moved into your new home with little more than a building site for a garden.

Or you may have taken on a derelict garden. Or perhaps your lifestyle has changed and you want something different.

The garden design service starts with an initial site visit. This visit is an opportunity for us to view your garden and to discuss your requirements with you. For smaller gardens we will also be able to measure up at the same time. There is no charge for the first visit.

Once your garden has been measured up we will draw up a design. This masterplan will form the basis of your garden design, and show areas of hard landscaping, planting, lawns and so on, together with an indication of the materials and plants to be used.

Further drawings such as construction details, setting out plans and planting plans can be produced on request. These drawings carry the detail needed to actually build and plant the garden if the work is to be carried out by external contractors.

In some cases it may be possible to provide assistance with the building and planting phases of the work.

The design service can also help with specific parts of the garden as well. You may want just a patio or water feature designed, or a section of the garden rather than the whole area.